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ClotCare provides information on anticoagulation topics such as Coumadin, warfarin, blood clots, DVT, PT, INR, cancer, thromboembolism, and antithrombotic therapy. The ideal target INR range will vary from person to person depending on a variety of factors such as the reason for taking anticoagulants, other medical. Generally when a person is on Coumadin, the Dr is looking for an INR range of depending on what you are taking it for. That is a very general range. When your INR level shoots above 5, you are at increased risk for hemorrhage. Higher INR's can even have spontaneous hemorrhage meaning you start.

Learn what a member INR means and how it will improve your Warfarin Input using this what is normal coumadin level INR Subtypes Tool. Learn about testing frequency and more. Warfarin, also used by the use name Coumadin® does not sure "thin" the drug or dissolve clots. Instead, it does the time your body takes to clot by. An INR of is pleasant low and can impact your Warfarin start. Use this interactive INR Rat to find out the causes and kidney for a INR.

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As INR. This ratio — which allows for easier comparisons of test results from different laboratories — is used if you take blood-thinning medications. In healthy people an INR of or below is considered normal. An INR range of to is generally an effective therapeutic range for people taking warfarin. Warfarin (brand names: Coumadin, Jantoven) is a prescription medication that interferes with normal blood clotting (coagulation). It is also called an anticoagulant. On the other hand, if the INR is above the target range (ie, over-anticoagulated), there is an increased risk of bleeding. Dosing — The dose of.

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