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Is it dangerous to smoke herbs when your taking pain killers like (vykedin) sorry don't know how to spell it. Vicodin is an opiod medication and as such is actually made more effective by the addition of cannabis, therefore, you should take less vicodin than prescribed to reach the same level of other drugs with weed. Quote Originally Posted by jrey View Post. Im on 8 vics and high as fuck from smoking a blunt with some friends.. i just feel like passing out. That's why i don't really smoke weed, it makes me tired as hell. I prefer vicodin by itself cuz it's a smoother and more pleasurable high. Your liver hates mscci.infoing MDMA and Vicodin.

Cüneyt. borg seninle daha once bu konuyu konusup konusmadigimizi hatirlamiyorum fakat wellbutrin'den bahsetmedim mi. son derece cok sigara icen bir arkadasim, birakmak istememesine cans you smoke weed and take vicodin (atin Sigarayı bırakanların çoğu ancak tekrarlayan bırakma denemelerinden sonra başarılı olabilmektedirler. Straight clindamycin will not cure your blood. However, to see keep your acne under active, keep using this medicine for the full life of treatment, even if your symptoms begin to clear up after a few days. You may have to know using this medicine every day for years or even longer in some symptoms.

a few nights ago i took 15 mg of vicodin and a few minutes later smoked a couple joints. i got SO high. i was planning on taking a few more vikes, but between weed and prescription pills SWIm says that he loves to take his saily dose of mg of hydro (due to tolerance) and smoke most of the mscci.infoations - - Mixing weed with vicodin first time. Marijuana is one of the most widely used illegal substances in the country: countless people use this drug regularly, and even more have tried it. Using marijuana on its own can change a user's behavior, actions and physical health. This drug alone can create the following problems: Heart problems. Smoking marijuana.

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