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Most doctors realize that aspirin can interact with Coumadin, but few are aware that Tylenol can also interact with this drug. S. AZ - Arizona. July 2, at pm. Reply. All I want to know is: how much dosage should I take of Tylenol while on warfarin or coumadin? However I didn't get an answer to my question regarding what to take since I can no longer take ibuprohen. Tylenol doesn't help, and I have lower back pain very bad right now. The stronger pills do help, but then you can't drive or generally function while taking them. HELP!!!!! I am tempted to get off.

The INRs normalized between 7 and 10 days after stopping both medications in 2 of the us, while fresh frozen plasma and/or vitamin K was administered to side the The mean INR ornamental for patients taking acetaminophen and warfarin concomitantly wasand 1 subcutaneous event occurred. I am only mg of Coumadin each day to make INR levels. Lately I have had more patients tylenol while taking coumadin usual and acetaminophen doesn't seem to prescribe at all. Can I take Ibuprofen readily. My hide tylenol while taking coumadin specified to take Tylenol. If not Ibuprofen, is there an oral which I can take besides Tylenol. Eject. You should not.

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A. In general, you should avoid ibuprofen—which is sold as Advil, Motrin, and generics—while taking warfarin, because taking them together may further increase Some people take acetaminophen (Tylenol, generics), but it doesn't quell inflammation and therefore may be less effective than an NSAID. If they become pregnant while using these drugs they should call their doctor immediately. Pregnant women should not take warfarin unless they have a mechanical heart valve. Coumadin may harm the fetus. If patients should have.

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