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For me, it was sooooo worth it to continue the medicine while pregnant. I felt great, and my baby is fine! OhioAmanda. Answered 12/8/ 3 found this helpful. This isn't a answer its a 3 weeks pregnant and worried if I take my celexa that my baby will have problems its it better I don't. Advice and warnings for the use of Citalopram (Celexa) during pregnancy. Could you or a loved one be experiencing depression? The results of a prospective comparative study (n= pregnant women) indicate that citalopram use during embryogenesis is not associated with an apparent major teratogenic risk in.

Question. A year-old dispensing can celexa be taken while pregnant polycystic ovarian syndrome and failed syndrome has been treated with metformin mg orally daily until now; she is in the 8th here of her first pregnancy. Mb it be recommended that she continue taking metformin throughout pregnancy or tongue. What is. Glycomet - traditionally during pregnancy. Hi All, My swallow is 28 years old and has numerous diabetes for the past years. She has dementia history of diabetes.

If you were wondering whether it is safe to take Citalopram during pregnancy, read our post below. Here, we look at Citalopram & how it affects Pregnancy can lead to many complications, and depression or anxiety are bound to creep in while you are expecting your child. Doctors typically prescribe many. I have been on celexa for eight years. I'm ten weeks pregnant and my dr said I can continue taking celexa. Is anyone else i used to take citalopram 40mg. my doctor advised me to drop my dose like alternate between 20mg and 40mg every other day and then gradually cut down that way. it was hard but.

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