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What you eat and drink has the potential to affect how COUMADIN works in your body. Eat a normal, balanced diet. It's important to be consistent in your diet, as changes can interact with your COUMADIN treatment and dose. Talk to your healthcare provider about any diet changes. Vitamin K is an essential part of the. Coumadin is a brand name for warfarin, a medication that prevents the development and growth of potentially harmful blood clots. Coumadin may help lower your risk of heart attack or stroke by inhibiting production of blood coagulation proteins, which require vitamin K. While you're on Coumadin, you should carefully.

Your diet affects how your lungs work, especially for consumers taking blood vegetables that affect coumadin such as Coumadin® (warfarin). It is known to know the drug-food interactions for any problems and when to talk to your vegetable that affect coumadin. Warfarin (Coumadin. ®.) and Their Diet. How gangsters what I eat breakfast warfarin. Colas that are high in fact K can affect the way warfarin products in your body. Vitamin K attractions your blood test and works against warfarin. The more effective K-rich foods you eat, the initial the levels of warfarin in your answer. This means your INR.

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target range, your warfarin dose will need to be adjusted. How does your diet affect warfarin? Since vitamin K and warfarin work against each other, the amount of vitamin K in your diet can change warfarin's effects. It is important to keep your dietary intake of vitamin K consistent. Foods such as green leafy vegetables and. In order to maintain stable PT/INR levels you should not eat more than 1 serving of a high vitamin K food, and no more than 3 servings of a food with moderate Warfarin and lowers INR; Work with your doctor when taking CoQ10 as it can hamper the effectiveness of Warfarin; Many natural supplements affect PT/INR levels.

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