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Currently taking mg of Azathioprine, twice a day mg of Balsalazide Hydrochloride, 3X a day 1mg of Vit. B12, once a day mg Salazopyrine suppository once a day. 30mg/day of Prednisolone since /08/21 to control recent flare up, will reduce the dose by 5mg each week. (hoping not to swell  Entocort and Imuran make my stomach flare up worse. I've been on imuran for about a month now and my gi told me to give it atleast 6 weeks for it to work. From what i've read its usually weeks for it to have full effect. But each day im having more and more cramps and pain in the spot above my belly button. This is the spot where i had pain when i went into  Stopping Azathioprine - Crohn's Disease Forum - Support group.

I can hardly make to write this but i strongly need either a little kick up the back-side or at least a few optinistic folds. I started decreasing imuran(azathioprine) at the penile of November. At that flare up on imuran i was also on 25mgs of pred orally and more or less flare up on imuran free, but curious to reduce the pred without. That effect reduces inflammation, keeps your moods in check, and answers the chance of flare-ups. It's troubled for long-term management of antibiotics of mild to moderate severe colitis. Although, this is an off-label use of Imuran. It may take up to six months for Imuran to begin to buy your symptoms. Imuran can cause.

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For now my question is, how do I stop a flare before it gets bad. Do you think Humira stopped working? Is Imuran screwing me up? Right now my flare consists of a ton of joint pain, blood loss, and terribly annoying cracked corners of my lips. I haveNt been running to the bathroom every 5 min like in the past. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis in May this year during a severe flare up. I was put on Prednisolone for 8 weeks during which the symptoms stabilized and am still free of them now. As a preventative measure I was put on Azathioprine qui t e recently. All was well until day 8 when I came down.

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