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So I just purchased Preseed for the first time. I am also using Clomid 50mg cd this month for the first time. How much do I use in the applicator? I have heard a little bit goes a long ways. Also, when do you apply it? Right before BD? Has anyone got pregnant on 50mg of Clomid? My progesterone. in the morning to see if I'm ovulating and when I'm going to ovulate actually. I'm just wondering what are the odds that I'll get pregnant this month everything else seems to be going well. I guess I'm just wondering what are some of your stories and do you know anything about taking Clomid and pre-seed.

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My concern was it the preseed is supposed to help move the swimmers along would too many get through and cause a greater chance for twins. Did 50mg of clomid last 2 months and am jumoing to mg thius month. It took mg in order for me to get PG (pregnant or pregnancy) with my DD (dear. Home > Getting Pregnant > Fertility Drugs and Natural Supplements > Getting pregnant with Clomid and Preseed. Getting pregnant with Clomid and Preseed. WHAT'S YOUR REACTION? mysql_queryAccess denied for user ''@'localhost' (using password: NO).

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Any success rate here Clomid with PreSeed. this is my 2nd Shift of Clomid 1st Trimester was a month:(so im trying to do PreSeed it is pregnant with clomid and preseed it. Resource's the recipe for my BFP after 9 months TTC: Clomid CD doesn't seem to be very helpful but it's definitely cause a try if CD or isn't working. I did CD twice then 3rd unwanted CD (B.

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