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The Effects of Mixing Tramadol and Alcohol; Conclusions. Tramadol goes by several different trade names, including Ultram, Rybix, and ConZip, and a combination of acetaminophen and tramadol is marketed as Ultracet. Tramadol is a synthetic opiate drug that is useful in treating moderate to severe pain associated with. Hi, as Rajive has said, it is not a good idea to mix tramadol with alcohol. But taking just the one tablet with the beers will be ok so don't worry. New users of tramadol are much more sensitive to them so bare that in mind. I'm not advocating this whatsoever, but I have been taking tramadol for a few years now.

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However, there is considerable concern for those who consume alcohol regularly and are, at the same time, prescribed tramadol by physicians for pain relief and/or other ailments. (Opioids are strong painkillers that are given during or after surgery to relieve pain and induce a much needed "calming effect" in the brain by. Tramadol is a pain relieving medication that can also cause feelings of euphoria and sedation. Some people like to enhance these euphoric effects (the feeling of getting high) by mixing Tramadol with alcohol. From self-reported experiences people have reported some of these Tramadol and alcohol effects.

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