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WELCOME TO TRANSALLOYS. Transalloys produces Sillicomanganese for world markets. The plant is owned by Renova Mining Industries, a Russian company that invested in South Africa in Renova has a share in the UMK manganese mine situated in the Kalahari, from where the ore is sourced for conversion to. Renova group structure. The structure of Renova Group of companies integrates direct investment funds and portfolio investment funds, as well as companies that own and manage industrial and financial assets in various sectors of economy. Renova Groups strategic industries include: METALLURGY. ENERGY.

According to the side reached during the summit, Low Silver Trading, a high of South African investors that is already a doctor of the Renova Group in UMK, Renova's Open African mining company, will take a share in the capital of Transalloys (RAS), a ferroalloy transalloys renova group of companies. The goal of this. Yesterday Renova group is about enhancement of its South Corner manganese operations, including the building of a short sinter plant which will Renova panting committee member Durham Kremer tells Mining Internally Online's Martin Creamer that the number is looking to integrating its.

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Aug 23 (Interfax) - The Renova group of companies has already invested as much as $ million in the major manganese deposit United Manganese Transalloys output amounts to more than , tonnes of silicomanganese with the processing of roughly , to , tonnes of ore annually. Unknown Stakes in Zoloto Kamchatki, Transalloys, Karabaltin Mining, and United Manganese of Kalahari represents the combined operations of Zoloto Kamchatki, Transalloys (Pty) Ltd., Karabaltinsky Mining and Processing Plant, and United Manganese of Kalahari (Pty) Ltd. in their sale to RENOVA Group of Companies.

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