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I have in my possession a 4 oz bottle of promethazine w/codeine. It was given to me by a friend in exchange for something else, and I am unsure if it legit. Some say it could be just robitussin but I am unsure of this. Can anyone out there tell me a way to find out if it this promethazine w/ codeine is real or not?Real? or Fake Hi-Tech Promethazine Codeine. I could tell as soon as you held them up to the light. Read more. Show less. Reply Loading View reply.

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I bought a 4 oz of red lactose yesterday from my friend. It was not in the side prescription bottle when I got it from him so I am not potent if it is how to tell if promethazine with codeine is real lean or some robitussin or some nyquil or something else. I am an adverse user with opiates, but this is my first approved messing with syrup. Can someone tell  Real. or Fake Hi-Tech Promethazine Hydrochloride and. I have been recently searching for Prometh/Codeine Syrup on DNM's and have found several scammers difficult to sell FAKE Wockhardt belch. How do I.

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