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Most dogs do not receive cephalexin for long-term use. That's because long-term use of cephalexin in dogs may lead to kidney or liver issues. Blood platelet counts may also decrease. Although cephalexin is generally safe, as with any drug, side effects are possible. Some side effects of cephalexin in dogs. Cephalexin (Keflex®) is a 1st generation cephalosporin antibiotic sometimes prescribed for dogs. The drug works by intefering with the growth of susceptible pathogens and is most commonly used to treat Staph, but it is versatile and can treat many different infections of the urinary tract, respiratory tract, bones, joints, soft.

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If you have been provided with Cephalexin in capsule form, it is best to try and give your dog the whole capsule (as long as this is the correct dose). Cephalexin is bitter and your dog is unlikely to eat it if the capsule is opened and sprinkled on food. The easiest way to get your dog to take a Cephalexin capsule is to cover it. Drugs that can interact with Cephalexin may include a wide variety of antibiotics. Pet owners should always follow instructions of dosage amounts and information closely. In the event of an overdose of Cephalexin, contact a veterinarian for emergency care as soon as possible. An overdose of Cephalexin can quickly lead to.

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