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Reviews and ratings for quetiapine when used in the treatment of insomnia. reviews "This medication does make me feel drowsy but doesn't let me sleep. In fact it seems to . The side effects are usually a more severe of what ever you needed to take it for plus another 20 possible side effects, not 4 me No. I didn't get. 6 Answers (question resolved) - Posted in: seroquel, insomnia, sleep - Answer: I have bipolar 2 disorder, along with ptsd and severe anxiety. I also horrible insomnia. Seroquel has been the ONLY medication that I have tried that not only helps me fall asleep, but also stay asleep. Good luck! Votes: +2.

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I've tried ambien, lunesta, trazadone, etc also I've tried all the OTC stuff including Melatonin. No luck. But Seroquel is my wonder drug! Puts me right to sleep. True, it may make you a bit light - headed in the morning. If it does, just don't get up too quick and allow yourself a little extra time in the morning. I end up falling asleep during the day taking naps without any notice. It seems as though its making me sleep better during the day then at night and I hate the groggy feeling. I just want to be able to sleep and not have night terrors when i do. So far im not sure what i think of Seroquel. I will give it a few more.

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