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The only thing to keep in mind is that the smell is pretty distinct and pungent, so its probably a good idea to be somewhere 'cool', but that goes without saying. Instructions for smoking: 1. Get a small square sheet of tinfoil, and place a chunk of a broken up pill towards the edge of it. It is important to keep the. Smoking oxycodone on tin foil. Rapid liberation of oxycodone vapor upon heating is the main way that people inhale or “smoke” oxycodone. People who have tried to smoke oxycodone tend to inhale vapors produced by heating the crushed drug on foil. But inhalation of oxycodone requires thermodynamic.

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If you smoke OxyContin on tin foil, you'll vaporize some of the oxycodone, which frees the drug to be inhaled. However, much of the drug will also be destroyed by the process, so you'll get very mild effects, if any at all. You may be tempted to take more OxyContin than you would normally take because of. just wondering about a way to smoke oc's and get the most out of it? -would u crush the pill or leave it whole? -if the pill is crushed or whole and put on tin foil as most people mention, do u simply apply a lighter underneath and inhale with a tube/pen as it smokes? is it that easy?? I hasnt smoked oc's b4 but  Smoking - - smoking oxycontin.

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