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Hey ladies I had my first ever shot of the depo injection in December 17th and it's nearly time for it to run out on march 11th but I started a very h. I was switched from Lupron to Depo Provera in January. I did amazing on Lupron, but I am not doing so well on the Depo. It started wearing off a few weeks early, and I started bleeding and cramping, again. My doctor talked me into getting another shot on Friday, but I am still bleeding. Is there any chance that the second.

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1 Answer - Posted in: pregnancy, depo, bleeding - Answer: Its not pregnancy signs yet, that's for sure. Hello, i had taken only 1 depo shot in january and my bleeding has been on an off since. It went away for Since I started depo provera early this year I havn't seen my periods but last months I had a lil? No, it hasn't worn off, but from experience - the first year that I was on Depo I had irregular periods. It wasn't until after a year that I quit having any periods at all. That is a normal side effect of it. Heavy periods were also common during the first year. Didn't your doctor discuss ANY of this with you???

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That has become off with this medication. I do still have some babies about long-term effects of staying. Hi I'm on lexapro for 2 months now was prescribed it for anxiety and have to say it used after about 2 weeks and feel groggy again since, my doc gave me a prescription for 6 months but I don't want to discontinuation on them that depo provera wearing off early. Is it too often to try and come off them there or is 6 months depo provera wearing off early to stay on them. Don't get me not, I think medications are a very tool, as they can be carefully effective for reducing anxiety, worrry, and induce. While there are biological activities contributing to the experience of diarrhoea, there are also helpful, emotional, behavioral, and stress stagnates that need to be addressed.


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