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Conclusions—Suppression of gastric acid secretion with therapeutic doses of gastric acid suppressants is associated with delayed gastric emptying but could lead to an increase in gastric emptying In addition, specific H2receptor antagonists may also directly affect gastric motility.5 6 14 15 In vitro, ranitidine, but not. Ulcers and tumors may cause swelling and a blockage which will not allow food to pass out of the stomach. Vomiting which occurs with food poisoning or intestinal flu may be a result of delayed gastric emptying. Helicobacter infection and various drugs can also cause delayed emptying. Hypothyroidism may also delay.

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Since the doctors did not realize the PPI was causing the delayed gastric emptying, they switched PPIs & increased the dosage of the PPI to (Dexilant 60mg), At 12 months off both PPIs and Zantac, (end of March ), I can eat with no reflux and no gastroparesis symptoms if I wait between 2 to 3 hours. Doctors unfortunately do not recognized PPIs as one of the medications that can cause delayed gastric emptying. I wouldn't worry about cancer, I have exactly the same problems as you, on strong PPIs, Zantac and even amitriptyline and I still frequently get nausea, stomach pain and gnawing in my upper  PPI Medication making symptoms worse???

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