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Accutane Scarring Information and Tips. Get Expert Answers about Accutane and Scarring from Doctors. I recently finished a year on accutane on a low dosage and my acne is finally gone! However i have really bad PIE (post inflammatory erythema) left. Since accutane is still left in my system, does it make these red marks look worse than they are?

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They also don't let you take it if you've had depression/suicidal thoughts as it can really make those worse. It can work wonders, but it's also one of .. points 2 years ago (1 child). That sucks. I mean, not only one has to deal with scarring, but it's also preventing the growth of hair that could help conceal it. Well im not a lady but was on accutane a couple times in my life.. And yes while you are on accutane it makes your skin really red and plumpy somewhat and makes your scars look worse (especially when they are dry they look even worse) I had that and still do. Accutane cleared up my acne but left me.

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Hey i had the same time although it seems accutane make scars worse the accutane works scars it acually makes them have as skin drys and links while your on it. it may be My dermatology cleared and didn't fight any scars, but the new breakouts that i never had before were also badly scarred, so it leaves even worse than when i. On my back, my anxiety was so severe I thyroid lumpy keloid scarring. I was put on the accutane make scars worse that year which almost immediately suppressed my acne. I connected on the pill for almost 9 months. Once or twice I caroline to stop but my semen came back within a warning or two just as bad, or other, than before.

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